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Save Money with Laser Vision Surgery



June, 2020

Lets face it, our eyes are not performing like they could be. We make things better by using corrective lenses to improve our vision. We know that is best to prepared for all situations so that is why we have contact lenses for recreational activities and for getting the right look. We also need to actively keep track of one pair of reading glasses, and one pair of driving sunglasses. All of these devices will cost the average American over $1000 annually (if nothing breaks or gets wasted).

Many eye surgeons will advertise LASIK surgery for as low as $1000 per eye, but we will use the average cost to make our comparison. The average cost for LASIK on one eye today is $2008. Total $4016 for both eyes although you can also find clinics where you would pay more. So, if we use the average cost example of $4016 over the annual cost of corrective lenses, your LASIK will begin saving you money after just 4 years!

So, there you have it. You can save money by paying for laser eye surgery. You will also benefit from having excellent vision without any of the hassles! Another point of good news is that the sooner you take the plunge and have your eyes corrected, sooner you can begin to save money.

Vision Screening for Children

kids test


April, 2020

Children as young as four years of age should have their first eye exam. An early eye test screening can help to identify potential vision problems that can affect the child's ability to learn. The first test usually administered to a child is a vision test to determine vision ability near, and far.

If any vision impairment is detected, it is important for a child to have corrective lenses before the time of reading occurs.

Other health related issues that may be detected, should be detected early in order to have the best possible prognosis.

Medical Research and Innovation

medical research


March, 2020

Laser eye surgery as it is practiced today, has its roots in a serendipitous accident involving a boy who fell into glass. After the boy healed, his vision improved. The doctor who witnessed the case was forever intrigued and began a quest to discover what would become the laser eye surgery procedure.

Scientists and optometrists are continually searching for new discoveries that will lead to the next breakthrough in medicine. As revolutionary as laser eye surgery is for operating on the cornea, there remain conditions that need updated cures.

Medical research is done in a series of phases. The first phase involves collecting data and determining the feasibility of a study. If this proves positive, animal testing will be the next step. After years or sometimes decades, human trials may begin. Medical research participants are always in demand, and often well compensated. Sign up for a clinical medical research trial today!

What to Expect at an Exam

eye doctor


January, 2020

When you go in for an eye exam your optometrist may use a variety of procedures and tests to examine your eyes. Some of these tests will be simple test like letter charts and other tests will be more complex such as using high-powered lenses to view tiny structures inside of the eye.

Visual Eye Chart Test
One of the most popular, and the first test to be performed in an eye exam is the visual acuity test. This is your standard eye chart test, letters of the alphabet go from large to small. The patient reads the smallest letters that they are capable of.

Cover Test
The cover test is designed to determine how your eyes work together. This test is performed by covering one eye and then focusing on an object in the distance otherwise cover for focusing on the same object. Then again each eye is covered while focusing on a near object. During these tests the doctor will determine if your eyes are moving properly.

Depth Perception Test
Having two forward facing eyes gives humans the ability to perceive depth visually. This is called stereopsis. It is the recognition of three dimensions and of three dimensional objects. During a stereopsis test a patient will wear a pair of 3D glasses and look at videos or papers with patterns. These tests will determine if your depth perception is working properly.

Ocular Motility Test
The eyes should be able to move in a controlled manner, both quickly and slowly, in all directions. Ocular motility testing is performed to determine if your eyes can follow a moving object both quickly and slowly. The doctor is looking for smooth movement to determine shaky or quick eye movements.

August is Eye Health Month

girl wearing sunglasses


August, 2019

Because August is Eye Health Month we thought that we would share a few tips for maintaining healthy eyes and vision.

1. Wear sunglasses that provide a high level of UV protection. A minimum of 400 UV protection is recommended for outdoor activities. When driving or participating in sports on the snow or water it is especially important to wear sunglasses because the glare can have damaging effect on your eyes. UV rays from the Sun can cause cataracts to form more quickly. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. UV rays can also contribute to macular degeneration and other eye problems.

2. Avoid redness relieving eye drops. Redness relieving eye drops only treat a symptom of eye problems. Redness is an indication of increased blood flow to the eye. Eye drops that reduce redness reduce blood flow to the eye and thereby reduce the amount of healing that can occur naturally. It is best to use redness relieving eye drops sparingly if at all.

4. Take care of your overall health. your eyes are an organ nested in a more complex system. Maintaining better overall health can reduce problems of the eyes and vision. Diabetes and hypertension can have found significant negative effect on your vision. diabetes is a preventable condition in most cases and it is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. improving your overall health can improve your vision and Eye Health.

3. Follow a good diet. A diet high in fresh fruits that have a low glycemic index and vegetables that are leafy and green will have more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you need to maximize your eye health and minimize your risk of macular degeneration.

5. Give your eyes a break. Avoid excessive eye strain and avoid prolonged strenuous use of your eyes. If you work on a computer screen, read excessively, or work with other close up situations, try to take breaks frequently and regularly. Follow the 20-20-20 rule for better eye health. Every 20 minutes of strenuous eye work give yourself at least 20 seconds up staring somewhere else at a distance of at least 20 feet away. This will help your eyes to refocus at a distance that is different. This will help your eyes avoid being strained during close-up extended use.

6. See a professional regularly. Having a professional examine your eyes and vision can catch problems before they become serious and prevent you from developing more permanent conditions. If you have been prescribed contacts make sure you follow the directions for your brand and type of contact. Improper use of contact lenses such as overusing the lens or not properly washing the lens can have detrimental effects on your vision.

Clinical Services

Services at a Glance

Optometry Services

eye care

OptiNu has access to state-of-the-art optometry facilities. When you have your eyes examined, you will be given a medical exam focused on the eyes. Next will be the vision test, where a prescription will be determined.

Retail Services

see glasses

Once you have been given a prescription by your optometrist, your lenses must be crafted with care. Your choice of contacts and which style of frames will be determined in part by your prescription.

Clinical Research


Clinical medical research is now being done by a variety of facilities in all fields of medicine. Clinical research can lead to the development of new techniques and cures. Participate in a medical research trial.

Laser Surgery

laser tool

Laser assisted corrective eye surgery can be an excellent option for those who are suffering from distorted vision. New techniques are being developed. If you were not a laser surgery candidate in the past, you may be today!


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