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Laser Vision Correction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser vision correction?
Laser eye surgery is a procedure that involves a cool laser to make changes to the cornea. nearsightedness farsightedness and a stigmatism can be corrected with laser eye surgery.

Is laser eye surgery safe?
The FDA recognizes Lasik and PRK surgeries as proven effective and safe. Since laser eye surgery was introduced, millions of patients have been successfully treated.

Should I have both eyes operated on the same day?
The Lasik procedure is far less invasive and most surgeon would prefer to operate on both eyes at the same time because the PRK procedure causes some discomfort some surgeons suggest waiting two weeks between eye surgeries.

Who is eligible for laser eye surgery?
You must have healthy eyes, you must not have any infection, glaucoma, cataracts, or other eye issues that would prevent healing.
You must be an adult, 18 years or older.
Your vision prescription must be stable for at least one full year before surgery.
If you're pregnant nursing or have other general health concerns, you may not be eligible for laser vision correction.



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Optometry Services

eye care

OptiNu has access to state-of-the-art optometry facilities. When you have your eyes examined, you will be given a medical exam focused on the eyes. Next will be the vision test, where a prescription will be determined.

Retail Services


Once you have been given a prescription by your optometrist, your lenses must be crafted with care. Your choice of contacts and which style of frames will be determined in part by your prescription.

Clinical Research

research study

Clinical medical research is now being done by a variety of facilities in all fields of medicine. Clinical research can lead to the development of new techniques and cures. Participate in a medical research trial.

Laser Surgery

laser surgery

Laser assisted corrective eye surgery can be an excellent option for those who are suffering from distorted vision. New techniques are being developed. If you were not a laser surgery candidate in the past, you may be today!


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Quality Contact Lenses & Precision Crafted Lenses

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  • 365 Day Service and Parts on all Frames
  • 24-hour Turnaround on Contact Lenses
  • Same Day Lens Crafting
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