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Myland Research Program

Vision Testing


April, 2019

The Myland Research Program is focused on the development and discovery of new techniques and procedures. Responsible for accurate and reliable results, using scientific methods to understand the best techniques, procedures and medicines.

In each of the clinical studies, it is important to have a randomized, representative sample of the population. This sample size produces the most accurate, most reliable results, so it is important to have as many study participants as possible. Screening for a new cohort of individuals for a study can take some time if the study is looking for specific types of individuals that are not common in the general population. Some studies may only require a small sample size, or the pay compensation may be excellent and enrollment for such studies is limited and may fill up quickly.

In order to conduct the most accurate and meaningful research, community outreach is vital. When a new paid study becomes available, it is necessary to inform the public and incentivize participation in and completion of the study.

Community Project Vision Testing

Vision Testing


April, 2019

Early access to a vision test and an eye exam can beneficial to the development of children in many areas. Access is often a limiting factor of developmental eye care. Community Project was imagined to address this concern.

Join us as we deliver our services to the community. As part of our commitment to our neighbors we encourage information exchange and dialogue about this important community healthy topic. Doctors and optometrists can donate their time and expertise to a cause that will have lasting residual benefits. Community outreach will be renewed and improved this year and we couldn't be more excited!

The cost of medical services and vision health checks can be prohibitive for many in our community. It is everyone's responsibility that we care for our neighbors. We strive to do our part and to act as a model to guide others.

Medical Research Study: Participants Needed



March, 2019

Applicants are being sought for a clinical research study. This paid study will commence in two phases. Phase one will involve a large pool of applicants that will be tested and examined for eligibility for phase two. Eligible applicants from phase one will be selected to participate in phase two based on a variety of factors.

Phase one involves a complete eye exam, includes a pair of prescription glasses and/or contact lenses. Participants are monitored during two check-up appointments. Phase two is conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of a new technique. Patients chosen for phase two may receive corrective eye surgery, placebo, or both.

This is a paid study. Participants who complete phase one will receive $750. Participants who complete phase two will receive $1250. (must be legal US resident)

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